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Largescale poster listing the many uses of the peanut discovered by George Washington Carver. Posters aims to create a voice for this boastful peanut to appeal to Middle School students.

Identity system and branding campaign for a fictional business – Office ink, a Tattoo shop geared to business professionals in Washington DC. Office ink. is a tattoo shop where ink. meets inc., to conceptualize, develop, and execute unique tattoos.

Definitive Stamps featuring the United States of America’s national tree The Oak. Image by linocut and printed on oak wood.

Direct mailer created for the Sauce Tool while interning at Gorilla 76. Art direction by Joe Sullivan & Jon Franko.

Wedding Invitation created for Tony and Jessica Perolio.

Poster illustrating the sinking of the Titanic from 11:40pm to 2:00am on April 14, 1912.

Poem written by Matt Mullican describes the life of a woman from birth to death through significant and trivial details of everyday life.

Biography capturing Holiday’s controversial life and career through individual’s accounts of Holiday’s signature song Strange Fruit.

A group project redesigning the St. Louis Science Center’s Flight exhibit, transforming a narrow hallway into an interactive, immersive and informational exhibit. The exhibition takes the viewer from astronaut preparation to living in space and returning back to earth.